Это было быстро: BMW показывает M-Performance Parts для новых 3er (2019)

Колесные диски, фартуки, спойлеры, тормоза и салон-апгрейды для BMW совершенно новый средний класс-лимузин

Человек, так как несколько господ на БМВ М были раз особо рьяные в пути. Новый BMW 3 серии да был только что на парижском автосалоне будет представлен, будет не раньше марта 2019 доставлен, но целый латте в M-Performance Parts вы можете баварского прибытия уже все равно Настройка на тело.

Более подробно о новом BMW 3er

В внешний панели BMW предлагает разделить ряд ювелирные изделия аксессуары в черный Глянец или Карбон-отделка. Среди прочих есть две разные передний сплиттер (в зависимости от того, как вы так агрессивно на нем), углерода зеркало крышки и боковых панелей с М-логотипом. Для заднего М-дизайнера губы, в свою очередь, сразу два Спойлера конструировали, карбоновый диффузор и выхлопные трубы в титан-углеродное волокно-Mix.

Новый 18-дюймовый тормозная система с перфорированными дисками и красными Четырех-поршневые суппорты, вероятно, бросить якорь четко, яростный. Она находит под разными новыми колесами места, которые измеряют 18 или 20 дюймов. 20-дюймовая, на картинках есть в матовый черный или сочетание матового и глянцевого лака.

2019 BMW 3 Series M Performance Parts
2019 BMW 3 Series M Performance Parts

Интерьер нового 3ers BMW обслуживает тюнинг жадных клиентов с новым M-Performance Рулевое колесо Алькантара бархат вставками и Красной 12-часовая отметка. Карбоновые панели и подрулевыми переключателями обеспечивают более Flamboyanz в кабине.

Если вы хотите захватить ваш 3er чаще на трассу, рекомендуется замечаться M Performance Drive Analyzer, который окрестили вождения вам данные прямо на смартфон приложение или с помощью камеры смартфона/GoPro целые раунды записывает.

Фотографии со всеми новыми M-Performance-лакомства для новой 3-Series вы найдете в нашей галерее прямо под этими словами …

Галерея: BMW 3er 2019 M Performance Parts

Пресс-релиз не показыватьобъявления пресс-релизе

BMW M Performance Parts for the new BMW 3 Series.
A wide range of options for accentuating the dynamic character of the middle class седан.

Мюнхен. To coincide with the presentation of the new BMW 3 Series седан (combined fuel consumption: 6,1 – 4,1 л/100 км; combined выбросов CO2: 139 – 108 г/км) * an extensive range of M Performance Parts is also being introduce as Original BMW Accessories for the new edition of this premium middle class car. With components directly inspired by and derived from motor racing for the interior and exterior as well as for the drive chassis system and engineering, customers will be able to systematically enhance feel the sports of their BMW 3 Series vehicle as they wish. The development of M Performance Parts always draws on the vast racing of expertise BMW M GmbH. All components are perfectly matched with both each other and with the specific properties of each model. On the one hand, they give the vehicle a more dynamic and striking appearance, but they also have a functional advantage, for example, positively influencing the car’s aerodynamic properties or augmenting its lightweight construction concept.

Exterior package for a sharper appearance and optimised aerodynamics.
The varied package of M aerodynamic Performance exterior and components for the new BMW 3 Series седан comprises no fewer than ten items. The individual components in high-gloss black or carbon fibre not only underline the vehicle’s sporty appearance but also enhance the four-door car’s talents in terms of driving dynamics. For example, the M Performance передний сплиттер M Performance or the front splitter pro, the M Performance задний спойлер M Performance and rear diffuser – available in a choice of carbon, black high-gloss black or matt optimise the air stream around the vehicle while reducing приподнятие. This leads to road improved and holding a more dynamic driving response. The M Performance exterior mirror caps made of carbon fibre are a particularly attractive eye catcher in the way they typical display the texture of carbon reinforced plastic. As with all carbon fibre компоненты, they are made by hand, sealed with clear lacquer, and then mirror polished to give them their impressive depth effect. Their sporty flair is further enhanced by the M Performance side sill фильма. They stretch over the entire lower sill and contain the M Performance брендирование inscription. The back lights, tinted grey when viewed from the rear, and in the side section reminiscent of M Performance graphics, represent a particularly striking изюминка, as do the M Performance tailpipes. They also feature high corrosion resistance and a long service life, thanks to their material mix of titanium and carbon fibre.

M Performance 18″ braking system and 18-дюймовый & 20-inch wheels.
The M Performance 18″ braking system is recognisable from the red colour of the brake calipers. Not only does this give it an attractive appearance, but the sports brakes also feature considerably enhanced deceleration performance for sporty driving. Compared to the serial production brakes, the 18-inch brake discs are bigger, perforated, желобчатые, and of lightweight construction. They have a higher thermal resistance, for which reason they remain extremely stable even under extreme conditions. The four-piston brake calipers are made of aluminium, in line with the consistent lightweight construction concept of the vehicle.

To start with, the M Performance range of wheel sets will comprise four designs in two sizes at the market launch of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan. The 18-дюймовый матовый черный M Performance light alloy double spoke 796M wheels are suitable for use both in summer and winter. В 20-inch size, the choice is M Performance between the forged cross-spoke 794 М биколор wheels (jet black burnished) and the 20″ M forged Performance Y-spoke M 795 wheels, в either биколор (ferric grey matt, gloss lathed) or black matt.

For storing and транспортировки the wheels, M Performance tyre bags are recommended. They provide protection against soiling, their markings ensure clear identification, and they radiate an extra motor racing into the atmosphere домашний гараж.

Visual and tactile interior моменты.
Of course, motor racing sensations can be generated in the interior of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan as well. For example, the M Performance steering wheel, with its highly distinctive grip large areas and thumb отдыха, red centre at the marking ‘12 o’Clock’ position, and silver-grey, hand-sewn cross-stitch seam. The racing look can be further enhanced by the carbon fibre shift paddles (for models with Steptronic sport transmission) and the M Performance steering wheel trim panel made of carbon fibre with an вставки Алькантара M Performance and inscription. To match this there is also the M Performance carbon fibre interior trim, Итак, with an open-pored structure.

В the footwell of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan, the M Performance foot mats emphasise sportiness, M Performance with the inscription and a flag in typical M colours, along with a leather-look объемный including a decorative seam in contrasting colours.

Drive analyser and camera holder for data and video recording
With the M Performance drive analyser, the driver of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan can record a driving range of data for subsequent analysis a function that is particularly useful above all on the race track. The system consists of an OBD stick that is plugged into the on-board diagnosis interface, and a smartphone app. The drive analyser is derived directly from motor racing and supplies the driver with all important driving dynamics data, as well as offering extensive professional recording and analysis capabilities. It is also possible to record trips with a smartphone video camera, including cumulative data and driving route calculation using GPS positioning data. BMW M Performance provides holders for action cameras, to enable optimum recording from a spectacular perspective when driving on the race track. For recording external, these are simply mounted to the front or rear towing кольцо; to make recordings in the vehicle interior, it is лопнуло into place in the base support of the Travel & Comfort system on the headrest of the drive or front passenger seat. It allows the camera to be turned through 360 degrees, to enable images to be made from numerous perspectives.

Attract attention with door projectors BMW M with motifs
Every time you enter or exit the vehicle, the BMW M logo or other M Performance-related motif can be projected onto the tarmac with an M Performance slide set for BMW LED door projectors. Just as stylish M Performance is the key wallet made of high-quality Алькантара with carbon fibre insert, which can be permanently fixed to the car with a key socket head screw in M light blue to protect it from scratching or other damage.

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